Other industries requiring a higher degree of understanding & specialization  

Restaurants & Bars - Liquor

Long gone are the days when these operations  (any operatoin for that matter) could be handled by the corner agent. Nowadays a variety of issues plague this fast paced industry... from the inherent nature of the operations breeding high dollar awards, to employees and guests, to the new culture of organic foods, specialty sources, and unique building characteristics.

Capell has managed the insurance for an array of eating and drinking establishments... from local fine dining to top destination beach bars.

Athletic Clubs

Health clubs are prone to a number of issues that require specialty coverages that must be properly negotiated and structured with the carriers. These types of facilities have a high frequency of claims alleging bodily injury and health issues from equipment usage, aerobic training, personal training, spas, pools, etc... Understanding the issues and the coverage is key - as well, is reporting and claims management.

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