Going Global?

Ocean Cargo

Critical coverage on imports and exports - and also whenever you have money or property at risk. Coverage can also attach during both inland transit and the ocean voyage - and at warehouses around the world. There are reasons to maintain your own Ocean Cargo coverage even when already arranged by others. 

Foreign Liability

Securing local admitted coverage in the host country; supplemented by blanket global excess coverage arranged in the US. Auto, Products, D&O, Environmental, etc...

Trade Credit

Offering terms to overseas customers enhances competitiveness - Trade Credit insurance protects your receivables from buyer default.

Kidnap and Ransom

Kidnap, Ransom, & Extortion.  An inexpensive must for any orgranization that has key executives or family members abroad. 

Political Risk

A very significant risk - including contract frustration, expropriation, currency inconvertability, nationalization, confiscation, riot, insurgency, etc...