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A critical question for insurance buyers, "What is your decision making criteria?".



Even though they look alike, no two insurance companies, two insurance policies, or two brokers are the same. 


Industry Expertise



What Makes You So Special


While a variety of factors can affect a business's need to seek specialized assistance - The common driving factor is quite simply, ever increasing complexity.

  • Increased industry litigation
  • Consistently large plaintiff awards
  • Restrictive availability of quality coverage terms and pricing
  • Extensive portfolio of contractual obligations
  • Lack of ubiquitous understanding of industry
  • Severity of loss exposure
  • Compliance with stringent public & environmental safety compliance & costs
  • Specialty customer base
  • Supply chain risks
  • Organic growth in complexity due to size - incorporates a number of the above, and more

Regardless of the reason - it is imperative that companies work with professionals having vast experience and knowledge in the structuring and placement of insurance for the risks at-hand.  

In some circumstances a business might simply outgrow its current representation or coverage. In fact, this happens with great frequency however is particulary difficult to identify from an inside (policyholder) perspective. Many times recognizing the need for change occurs only when there is either a change of control in the business or, unfortunately, after a loss.

For many businesses 

Insurance purchasing-as-usual is an insufficient and outdated approach. The traditional agent or broker relationships are old fashioned while insurance sales is volume driven and transactional - movement of a product - akin to a distribution operation.

Present day, the increasing complexity of all business & indsutry is overwhelming buyers and brokers alike creating the need for specialization. The forefront approach to insurance purchasing involves observing exposures, idenitfying & researching risks, tracking developments, and making various management decisions of whether to retain, transfer, or avoid particular risks. Electing to use insurance as a transfer method requires scrutiny of the insuring contract to ensure alignment with expectations and goals, and doing so requries a complete understanding of the industry and surrounding landscape.

As part of our service we provide guidance when navigating this unfamiliar territory. The ideal method is an open line of communication utilizing a goals oriented approach to reach common objective of protecting the corporate assets at a controlled cost.

The critical question for all insurance buyers is, "what is your decision making criteria?". Determining the criteria requires and understanding of exposures, risks and what is achievable in the commercial insurance marketplace. 

Features we bring to the table

  • Eye opening discussion and insight regarding exposures
  • Advisory & risk based approach to insurance
  • Review of contractual obligations to best align coverage with obligations
  • Proven methodology
  • Clear & concise comparison style presentations
    • Comparing current coverage to our proposed arrangement(s)
    • Highlighting advantages of one program over another
    • Succinct description of coverage
  • Tremendous amount of industry specific knowledge
  • Decades of accumulated experience
  • Comfort that you made an appropriate & educated decision

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Are You Underserved From a Skills Perspective


Businesses are plagued with a variety of everyday exposures that are not appropriately discussed, insured, or even understood by most.

The Capell Advantage...

  • Understanding the exposures and coverages
  • Ability to work through underwriting process and improve off-the-shelf coverage
  • Tremendous amount of industry specific knowledge that goes to work for you
  • Providing proprietary comparison review so there is no question about making the change for better coverage
  • Seeking to maximize insurance recovery for our clients

We continue to draft and develop solutions driven by our commitment to protect our clients. This is supported by continued high level professional education and involvement with a network of industry leaders and associations. We stay involved to make sure you stay protected. 

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